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LeadTrial is a combination of the words ‘Lead’ which means leading IT field in Clinical trial and ‘Clinical Trial’. It is web-based integrated Clinical Trial Platform that enables user to conduct a research easily and conveniently by electronicizing clinical trial execution and administration processes such as planning, design, data collection, management, and reporting of clinical research.

It enables to minimize the hassles of having to use multiple programs up to now. In addition, through integrated one platform combined with centralized database which can be accessed from any web-browser, it can easily access several applications including EDC(Electronic Data Capture).

Also, not only does it improve user satisfaction by providing intuitive and user friendly web-interface, but also using LeadTrial, we expect to improve data quality by real time edit check when data is input and on site monitoring, to reform existing inefficient work process. Thereby, successful clinical trial could be fulfilled.

Through LeadTrial, we will help you to conduct clinical trial on the basis of accuracy and reliability.

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LeadTrial EDC

LeadTrial EDC is the data collecting and management system
for conducting a successful clinical research.

LeadTrial BD

LeadTrial BD system is a web-based system
for conducting efficient quotation and management.

Unique Experience



ㆍLeadTrial complies with below regulations.
– 21 CFR Part 11


ㆍSet up role/authorization for each project → Available to various research
ㆍAutomatic email alarm function & User’s task-oriented workflow
ㆍAnalyzing the collected data from various perspectives and providing it in real time


ㆍTo proceed with the clinical trials efficiently without the help of a programmer
ㆍA variety of design tool and ‘Drag and Drop’ function for CRF setup
ㆍTo set up complicated logical checks without additional program activities
ㆍTo retrieve/download the data that meets their requirements


ㆍTo save various types of external data as well as data collected via EDC
ㆍTo accumulate massive data provides, for user to improve the efficiency of the work by reuse of data, for sponsor an opportunity of new value creation by interpretation of data.

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